Top 10 Cutest Bible Tab Picks

Top 10 Cutest Bible Tab Picks

If you're looking to add a personalized touch to your bible, try adding decorative bible tabs! Most of us have little index tabs already built into our bible, and they are quite handy for helping you quickly find your place. But usually those tabs that come with your bible are just kind of....well, standard looking. Why not customize those tabs and add a decorative touch?

Here you'll find a list of the best and cutest bible tabs out there! Browse through the list and see if one suits you. 

Go ahead and get yourself a little "happy". It will give a fresh, new look to your bible that you'll just love using each and every time!


 1. These laminated, peel & stick tabs feature really pretty floral patterns and the font is just the cutest! With gold foil writing, this one is definitely one of my faves!



2. These Storm bible tabs feature gold, gray, and rose gold color tones. Pick from 3 different font options.

storm bible tabs




3. I absolutely love the floral pattern on these tabs combined with the script font. This set includes an additional 6 tabs that are left blank for you to personalize for other parts of your bible, like maybe the index or the maps section. Or you could use those extra tabs for other projects. 



4. The modern patterns and bright colors are absolutely adorable on these bible tabs



5. These Watercolor Bible Tabs are so simple and refreshing. Available in 3 different font choices.

watercolor bible tabs



6. This neat little kit allows you to make your own tabs in whatever colors you choose! Use your own watercolor paints to paint your own index tabs!



7. This set includes a large variety of patterns and 14 extra blank tabs.



8. If you love a pink and blue color combo, this set is for you! Featuring many different patterns, these look really cute when assembled onto your bible.



9. If you want more blue and less pink in your life, then you might love these tabs. Featuring color tones of mostly blue and added touches of pink, yellow and green.




10. These floral bible tabs feature many different pretty floral patterns giving you lots of variety!




If you're into Bible Journaling, check out this gorgeous KJV Bible Journal. I absolutely LOVE it!



Another really handy bible accessory are these bible highlighters.  Use them to color code topics or just highlight your favorite verses. Great for bible journaling.



I also really LOVE this all-in-one Bible Pencil highlighter. Instead of having to carry around 8 different colored bible highlighters, you can just carry this one item and have all 8 colors in one! I use this in my bible and I absolutely love it. Can't go without it.



Hope you've enjoyed this compilation of bible index tabs as well as the additional bible accessory items! Drop a comment below with suggestions or questions!

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