Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Here's a super fun and easy Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for kids! The only materials required are:

Simply print the PDF files in the link below, cut them out, and paste the feathers on however you'd like! Be sure to color the beak orange and color the turkey beard red with crayons when you're finished!

Click on the link below to download the printable Thanksgiving Turkey Craft:

Turkey Craft Printable PDF


Follow these Step by Step Instructions to see how to build your turkey:

Step 1:

Print and cut out all items. You can cut by hand or use a Cricut Machine to do the cutting for you! Have your kids help to practice their cutting skills. 

Print 4 pages of the feathers - a red page, an orange page, a yellow page, and a brown page. Print the body in brown, and then print the big circle backing in a dark gray.


Step 2:

Apply glue to the large round backing and lay the feathers down.

Step 3:

Fill the entire backing with feathers.

Step 4:

Paste the Turkey body on top.

Step 5:

Paste on the googly eyes and color the beak orange and color the beard red. Gobble Gobble! You have a beautiful turkey!


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