Free Letters to Santa

Free Letters to Santa


With Christmas on it's way very soon, it's time for all the children to begin writing their letters to Santa. It's the most exciting time of year - thinking about what gifts you'd like, time with family, time to remember the reason for the season.

To help get your Christmas off to a great start, we have prepared free printable letters to Santa that you can use with your children!

Simply print the free downloadable files at the links provided below and let your child fill out their Christmas List.

You can even "mail it" off to the North Pole for an extra little bit of magic!

Please enjoy any of the free printables below and feel free to share with your friends!


1. Santa Postcard with Christmas Wishlist

letter to santa postcard free printable download

Our first free printable is this adorable Santa Postcard featuring a picture of Santa on the front and space on the back to write out a Christmas List. Mail it off to the North Pole with your child for a special touch of Christmas magic.

Download the front of the postcard here for free.

letter to santa postcard

Download the back of the postcard here for free.

letter to santa post card back free download

2. Girl's Christmas Wish List

Girl Christmas letter to Santa free printable download

Next, we have one just for girls! Your daughter will love the bright colors in this one and it will make writing to Santa feel really special for her! Download and print it for free at the link below:

Download the free Girl's Letter to Santa here. 

And if you like the one above, but would rather have it in more traditional Christmas colors here it is provided below:

letter to santa free christmas wish list printable

Download the free Christmas Letter to Santa here.


3. Naughty or Nice Letter to Santa

free christmas wish letter to santa printable

Featuring a snowflake background and a cute and friendly Santa Claus, help your child check off if he/she was naughty or nice this year with this adorable Santa letter! Print it now for free!

Download the free Naughty or Nice Letter to Santa here.  

4. Rudolph Letter to Santa

rudolph letter to santa free printable download

Featuring Rudolph with a scart, this letter to Santa is perfect for kids who love animals! Download and print it for free at the link below:

Download the free Rudolph Letter to Santa here.

5. Christmas Tree Letter to Santa

christmas tree letter to Santa

A cute little Christmas tree and presents decorate this colorful Letter to Santa. Download and print it for free at the link below:

Download the free Christmas Tree Letter to Santa here.



6. Santa Stuck in Chimney Letter to Santa

free letter to santa printable

With Santa Claus stuck upside down in a chimney, this one will really make your kids laugh! Download and print it for free at the link below:

Download the free Santa Stuck In Chimney Letter to Santa here.


7. Charley Brown Letter to Santa

charley brown letter to santa

We all love the famous letter to Santa that Sally dictates in The Charley Brown Christmas movie. Make Santa laugh this year, by using Sally's own unique Christmas letter to Santa!  

Download the free Charley Brown Christmas List here.

8. Santa Kit with Nice List Certificate and Letter From Santa

This one I did not make, but I found it and can't resist sharing it! For an absolutely beautiful official Certificate from Santa for being on the Nice List as well as an Official Statement from Santa sent to your child directly from The North Pole, you can purchase this item at the link below at a very affordable price. Make the magic of Santa come alive with a personalized ceritificate from Santa declaring your child made it on The Nice List! Here's the link where you can get it:

To purchase the Nice List Certificate and Official Statement from Santa go here.


9. Official North Pole Documents

And here is just one more that I did not make, but i absolutely LOVE! This very affordable bundle comes with so much good stuff! It includes an Official Nice List Certificate from Santa, an Official letter from Santa, a blank letter from Santa, a Letter to Santa template, and an envelope addressed to the North Pole!  The files come as editable PDFs which can be edited with your own text.

Purchase this awesome bundle here.



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