Free Thanksgiving Perler Bead Designs

Free Thanksgiving Perler Bead Designs


My kids LOVE to play with Perler Beads - also known as Fuse Beads - and if you're here reading this, your kids probably do too! 

In case you're new to Perler Beads, they are those fun little beads you make pictures with and iron together to form a design. They will keep your kids busy for hours and they are a definite favorite at our house. My son is constantly making new designs and selling them to family members in his "Perler Bead Shop". He makes a pretty good living at this, especially at holidays!

With Thanksgiving here, I thought I'd design some Thanksgiving themed Perler Bead templates that you can use with your kids for FREE! Download links are included below so that you can print them out if needed - or just keep a picture of them on your ipad or tablet to reference while building the images!

My 7 year old son helped design his own template too which we have included with our list! 

Browse our custom designed Thanksgiving Perler and Fuse Bead Templates and see if anything looks fun to make this Thanksgiving! Be sure you have one of these Perler Bead Trays or use these Fuse Bead Trays if you're using Fuse Bead brand!



1. Turkey Perler Bead Template

Turkey Perler Bead Template and Fusion Bead Template

Make this fun little Turkey fuse bead design with only 6 colors needed. Light brown, dark brown, black, red, yellow, and orange.

Download the free Turkey Perler Bead Template here.

2. Pilgrim Hat Perler Bead Template

Pilgrim hat perler bead and fusion bead template free

Teach your kids about Pilgrims and then make this Pilgrim Hat with your fuse beads. Only 3 colors needed: black, brown, and yellow.

Download the free Pilgrim Hat Perler Bead Template here.


3. Pumpkin Pie Perler Bead Template

Thanksgiving perler bead template pumpkin pie fusion bead template

Eat some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day and then, just for fun, make a matching pumpkin pie design with your fuse beads! Only 4 colors needed: yellow, light brown, tan, and white for the whipped cream on top!

Download the free Pumpkin Pie Perler Bead Template here.


4. Pumpkin Perler Bead Template

pumpkin perler bead template for thanksgiving fusion bead templates free

Another fun Thanksgiving themed fuse bead template is this cute pumpkin design. 3 colors needed: orange, red or brown for the creases in the pumpkin, and light brown for the stem.

Download the free Pumpkin Perler Bead Template here.


5. Pilgrim Perler Bead Template

pilgrim perler bead template for thanksgiving fusion bead template designs free

Another fun one to go along with our Pilgrim Hat design is this Pilgrim fuse bead template. Colors needed: tan, brown, black, yellow, orange for the nose, light pink for the mouth.

Download the free Pilgrim Perler Bead Template here.


6. Indian Girl Perler Bead Template

Indian perler bead template for thanksgiving fusion bead designs free

A cute little Native American girl perler bead design, perfect for Thanksgiving! Colors needed: black, tan, red, orange, green, and pink for the lips.

Download the free Indian Girl Perler Bead Template here.


6. Orange Leaf Perler Bead Template

fall leaf perler bead design

Here's an orange fall leaf perler bead design for Thanksgiving to complete your Thanksgiving collection! Just 2 colors needed: orange and brown.

Download the free Orange Leaf Perler Bead Template here.


6. Green Leaf Perler Bead Template

green leaf perler bead template for thanksgiving and fall fusion beads free

My 7 year old son made this green leaf perler bead template! Just 2 colors needed: green and dark green.

Download the free Green Leaf Perler Bead Template here.


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