Free Christmas Art and Gift Tags

Free Christmas Art and Gift Tags

I have a new freebie for you! 

I drew this adorable little piece featuring a car driving home for Christmas loaded down with presents and Christmas supplies.

It's such an adorable little drawing - so I decided to use it for free printable Christmas Gift Tags and also free printable Christmas wall art! You can also use it as a Christmas card (download links included below).

Use the free printables to decorate for Christmas, as adorable custom drawn gift tags for your Christmas gifts, or as a nice Christmas card to send home.

Hope you enjoy! Find the downloads for each item below.

1. Home for Christmas Gift Tags

free printable Christmas gift tags

Download the FRONT of the Gift Tags here.

free printable Christmas Gift Tags

Download the BACK of the Gift Tags here.

free printable Christmas Gift tags

If you need the matching red and white striped twine you can get that here

And if you would rather not have to do the printing, you can purchase the already printed gift tags with string included at our Zazzle shop, here.


2. Home for Christmas Wall Art

free printable Christmas Wall Art

The wall art is sized at 11x14, but if you need it in a different size just comment below and I'll add more sizes to this post for you!

If you would like to purchase this printed and shipped to you, click here.

Download the free printable Christmas Wall Art here.


3. Free Printable Christmas Card

free printable Christmas Card

Nowadays, Christmas cards can cost anywhere from $5-7!!! That's ludicrous for just a little piece of paper and an envelope!! If you need a simple Christmas Card but don't want to spend much, try printing this free Christmas Card.

I recommend printing on thick card stock. And if you need envelopes, I love these brown bag envelopes

The card is sized at 5"x7" which will fit in A7 envelopes like the ones linked above.

The printable file at the link below includes cut marks to show you where to cut the card down to the correct size. And then you would just need to "score" or "crease" the card down the center to get it to fold. To do this easily you can use this handly little tool to crease your cards. You would just line up a straight edge to the center of the page and then firmly run the handy tool across the paper to create a line that can easily be folded. 

This one also helps you crease the page and might help make lining up the center of the card a little easier.

If you'd like to buy these already printed with an envelope included, you can purchase them here.

Download the free printable Christmas Card here.

4. Christmas Puzzle

cute christmas village puzzle for kids 60 pieces

All of the previous items were freebies, but here's a fun gift idea or activity to do with kids! We transfered this design onto a puzzle and it's available to purchase here



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