Construction Birthday Party Favors Your Guests Will Really Dig!

Construction Birthday Party Favors Your Guests Will Really Dig!

Looking for the perfect party favor ideas to match your construction themed birthday party? We've done the shopping for you and found the very best construction themed party favors to stuff your party favor bags!

Included are construction themed toys, treats, and party favor bag options. So have a look and see what you think! 

Be sure to read all the way through for a couple of special FREE GIFTS!!! 🚜


1. Construction truck hand stamps are always a hit with little ones:


2. Add this Set of 12 construction trucks to your party favor bags for a party favor toy that the kids will really dig!:


3. How adorable are these Construction Rubber Duckies?


4. The kids will love receiving their very own measuring tape keychains in their party favor bags!


5. Include these construction themed lollipops in your party favor bags for an extra special touch:


6. Construction notebooks are a perfect addition to your party favor bags:


7. What kid wouldn't want a construction zone slap bracelet?


8. Use these inflatable hammers as party decor and then let the kids take one home with them as an extra party favor!


9. These adorable construction zone party favor bags are perfect when you personalize them with a cute party favor tag.

10. If you like the Work Crew tags hanging on the bags shown above, I've got a free printable for you! Click here to get the free Party Favor Tags!

11. We also love these Party Favor Tags with matching twine included to hang on your party favor bags for a personal touch:

12. For another party favor bag idea, these construction truck bags are perfect:


13. Here's another party favor bag idea with matching stickers:


14. If you need something a little bigger than a bag, and your little guy loves cement mixers, we love these cement mixer party favor boxes!


15. Last but not least, personalize a hard hat for every child! Let them take their hard hats home with them.

16. And I have a special gift for you! I've included the sticker template I made for the hard hats shown above. 

Click on the following link to get them for free: Hard Hat Stickers

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