12 Best Donut Birthday Party Ideas

12 Best Donut Birthday Party Ideas

We've got some super sweet ideas for your Child's "Donut Grow Up" Birthday Party!

Scroll through for party decor ideas, party favors, balloons, clothing and more for the top 12 best ideas out there for a donut birthday party that's a HOLE lotta fun!



1. Diamond Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers will have your guests ooh-ing and aw-ing. Such a cute touch for displaying simple white powdered donuts, or any flavor donuts for that matter. 

Diamond cupcake or Donut toppers 12 per Order  Bridal Shower image 0

2. "Donut Grow Up" Letter Balloons

If you're throwing a party for a little one, these letter balloons are absolutely adorable! Creative balloons like this can even serve as a party banner.

DONUT GROW UP Letter Balloons Rose Gold Silver Gold Pink image 0

3. Donut Party Favor Hair Ties

These elastic hair ties are simply perfect. Give a party favor gift that your guests can actually use! They will love these.

Donut Party Favors Doughnut Party Favors Candy Buffet image 0

4. Rainbow Donut Wall Holder

Make your donut display really stand out with this adorable donut rainbow wall holder. 

Rainbow Donut Wall Holder //Pastel Party Decoration//Doughnut image 0

5. Donut Birthday High Chair Banner

If you're celebrating a first birthday, this Donut Birthday High Chair Banner is the perfect photo op for your candle blowing and smash cake photos.

Donut Grow Up Birthday High Chair Banner Donut Highchair image 0

6. Donut Stacker

Another adorable way to display more donuts is with this awesome donut stacker. Your guest's eyes will be as wide as a donut when they spot this thing!

Wedding Donut Stacker  Donut Wall Doughnut Decorations Food image 0

7. Confetti Balloons

They look like they are filled with the sprinkles from a donut. These are a perfect touch for your donut party!

Confetti Balloons 36'' Birthday Party Balloons Rainbow image 0

8. Donut Party Plates

Serve up all kinds of treats on this adorable donut party plate! 

Donut Party Cake Plates  Donut Plates Donut Birthday Donut image 1

9. Thanks a Hole Bunch Party Favor Tags

Tell your guests "thanks a hole bunch" for coming to your donut party with these perfect little party favor tags! 

Donut Birthday Party Thank You Tags and Sign comes as a image 0

10. Donut Cake Topper

Could this donut cake topper be any cuter?! We are in love with this one and your guests will be too!

Donut Cake Topper image 0

11. Two Sweet Donut Banner

If it's a second birthday party you're throwing, don't miss out on this darling banner. This one is just "two sweet" for words!

Two Sweet Donut Banner Donut Banner Donut Grow Up Decor image 0

12. Two Sweet Birthday Shirt

Another cute one for a 2nd birthday. Your two year old will be sweet as icing in this cute little shirt.

two sweet donut birthday shirt

For more ideas and inspiration follow us on Pinterest to see what other ideas we've found!

We hope you found something inspirational for your donut party. Be sure to check back often for more party ideas and inspiration!


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