Free Printable T-Rex Dinosaur Valentine

Free Printable T-Rex Dinosaur Valentine

If you're looking for a dinosaur themed Valentine for your little one who loves dinos, then I have just what you need! Free printable T-rex Valentine gift tags to use as your classroom valentines!

Download and print them for FREE!

Tell your friends they are "Dino-Mite" with these Dinosaur themed classroom Valentines. You can quickly and easily download, print, and cut them out. Tie them onto a candy bag or onto cute lolipops and your classroom Valentines are done!

Download at the links below!



      • If you would prefer not to print these from home and would rather have us take care of the printing, you can purchase the tags here at the Scriptiva Zazzle shop!
      • SIZE: 2" x 2" square
      • PAPER: If you're looking for a nice, thick paper that will work well with inkjet printers try this card stock paper.
      • PRINTER: If you're in need of a good quality printer, I recommend this printer.
      • CUTTING: Cut marks are provided to show you where to easily cut the tags down to the correct size. Cutting works best with a paper cutter or you can use a straight edge and X-acto knife to get a nice clean, straight cut.
      • PRINTING: These Shark Valentines are double sided so be sure to download and print the front and back! The download includes as many as will fit on a page with cut marks to show you where to cut them down to the 2"x2" size. This makes cutting super fast and easy.


Download the Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine here!

free printable Dinosaur T-Rex Valentine


Download the Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine here!

Looking for ideas to include in your Dinosaur Valentine bags that don't include candy? Check out my finds at the links below:

1. Dinosaur Mini figurines (72 piece set)


2. Bulk pack of Dinosaur stickers (50 Sheets)


3. Dinosaur Stamps (Set of 24)


4. Make a Dinosaur Activity Sheets (Pack of 24)


5. Dinosaur Eggs that Hatch (Pack of 24)


6. Dinosaur Action Figures (Pack of 16)


7. Dinosaur Wristbands

8. Play Doh (Pack of 15)


9. Dinosaur Slap Bracelets (Pack of 24)


10. Dinosaur Assorted Set (48 Gift Set) 



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