13 Christmas Perler Bead Designs

13 Christmas Perler Bead Designs

Looking for some fun Christmas activities to keep those kids busy over Christmas break? Here's something that will keep them busy for hours! Christmas themed Perler Bead designs!

Included are ornaments that you can actually hang on the tree! Also a snowman, snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, and nativity scene!

perler bead ornament designs that you can hang on the tree

In case you're new to Perler Beads, they are those fun little beads you make pictures with and iron together to form a design. They will keep your kids busy for a very long time and they are a definite favorite at our house. My son is constantly making new designs and selling them to family members in his "Perler Bead Shop". He makes a pretty good living at this, especially at holidays!

The Christmas Perler Bead download links are included below so that you can print them out if needed - or just keep a picture of them on your ipad or tablet to reference while building the images!

Be sure you have one of these Perler Bead Trays or use these Fuse Bead Trays if you're using Fuse Bead brand!

13 christmas perler bead designs



1. Five Ornament Perler Bead Templates

perler bead ornament designs

Make these colorful Perler Bead Christmas ornaments and hang them on the tree! Your kids will love getting to make their own ornaments that look professionally made!

Download the free Ornament Template here

2. Large Christmas Ornament Perler Bead Template

perler bead christmas ornament pattern free template

One more ornament design which is a bit larger than the previous ornaments. 

Download the free Ornament Perler Bead design here


3. Reindeer Perler Bead Template

reindeer perler bead design

Make this adorable little reindeer for Christmas this year. it makes a wonderful homemade gift your kids can make for family and friends!

Download the free Reindeer Perler Bead design here


4. Large Snowflake Perler Bead Template

perler bead snowflake design

Included are 2 different snowflake designs. This one is a little bit larger than the next one.

Download the free Snowflake Perler Bead design here


5. Small Snowflake Perler Bead Template

Perler Bead Snowflake Design

This snowflake is a bit smaller than the first one, but just as beautiful! 

Download the free Small Snowflake Perler Bead Design here


6. Snowman Perler Bead Template

snowman perler bead design free template

This adorable little snowman is just chillin waiting to be made!! Make use of those white beads that get used a little less often.

Download the free Snowman Perler Bead Design here


6. Christmas Tree Perler Bead Template

christmas tree perler bead design

Complete with a star and ornaments, this pattern makes a beautiful Christmas tree!

Download the free Christmas Tree Perler Bead design here


6. Gingerbread Man Perler Bead Template

ginger bread man perler bead design

"You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" - my kids sing that song all the time! So I had to include a gingerbread man. 

Download the free Gingerbread Man Perler Bead Design here

7. Nativity Perler Bead Template

    nativity perler bead template

    An absolutely beautiful Nativity Scene featuring Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. This one is a higher difficulty level and best for older children.

    Download the free Nativity Perler Bead design here


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