King of the Jungle Lion Wall Art - Free Printable

King of the Jungle Lion Wall Art - Free Printable

Download and print this adorable King of the Jungle Wall Art for FREE! Featuring a beautiful illustration of a lion with a crown and the wording "It's Good to be King".

Decorate your baby boy's nursery or your older son's bedroom with this beautiful children's wall decor. It would be a great addition to your playroom decor too!

If your son loves the Lion King movie or even if your baby boy or son thinks he's king of the household, this adorable wall decor will be the perfect fit for your son's personality! 

I think the funniest idea is to hang this over the "throne" in your son's bathroom - the toilet!!! That just makes me laugh!

This print also makes beautiful party decor for a Jungle themed birthday party or baby shower!

Get it for free today at the link below. But first, here is some important information:

King of the Jungle Lion wall decor for nursery


  • PRINTS: If you would rather have us take care of the printing for you, instead of printing yourself, you can purchase this print here at our Zazzle Shop.
  • SIZE: The size is set up for an 8" x 10" frame. If you would like a different size, leave a comment below and I can add it to this post!
  • PAPER: I recommend printing on good photo paper for nice vibrant colors. Epson makes fantastic photo paper. Here is the Epson Photo Paper I recommend. If you would prefer not to print on glossy photo paper, then I recommend this Card Stock. It is thick enough to feed through an inkjet printer, and has a nice smooth finish. 
  • FRAMING: Here's a simple wood grain frame that would look great with this print.
  • PRINTER: If you're in need of a good quality printer, I recommend this printer.


You can download the print for free by clicking here. Or, if you would like for us to take care of printing for you, go here to purchase the print.

 its good to be king lion wall decor for nursery or bedroom

Download the free printable Lion Wall Art here!

If you would rather have us take care of printing for you, go here to purchase the print.

 lion king of the jungle wall art decor



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