Free Printable Weekly Planner

Free Printable Weekly Planner

I have an awesome new freebie for you that I think you will LOVE! I have been working hard the past few weeks designing it, printing, and testing it out and it's a slam dunk! If you're looking for a way to easily track your weekly to-do list, try out this FREE printable weekly planner!

Each page includes the days of the week from Monday through Friday with a shared space for Saturday/Sunday at the end. Space below each day of the week is provided to write out your daily goals and tasks.

The assembly process is VERY easy. All you need to do is print the downloadable files (at the links down below), then be sure to cut them to the correct size using the cut marks shown in the free download, and then hole punch the paper using the Happy Planner hole punch and then slide the gold happy planner discs (2 packs of the discs are needed) into the slots from the hole punch, and boom, you're done!

2020 weekly planner free printable download diy

Print enough pages for the 52 weeks of the year - the download below is set up with 2 per page so you only have to print 26 pages, but you can print more if you'd like a thicker book. The front and back cover print on one page. Use thick card stock for the cover and use plain printer paper for the inside pages. You can laminate the cover if you'd like a little extra shine and protection.

Keep track of your schedule, family birthdays, the kids schedules, holidays, work schedule, goals, to-do lists, meal planning, etc. Plan out your week one page at a time and then turn to the next page each week!

 free weekly planner 2020 printable download

Printing & Assembly Tips:

  • PAPER: These calendars are set up at a 4"x10" size so that you can print 2 pages on an 8.5x11 Letter Size paper - I printed the cover page on a nice, thick card stock and the interior planner pages on a plain white printer paper
  • PRINTING: The Cover is designed to be double sided with the floral pattern on the outside and the polka dot pattern on the inside. So print the cover page front and back. If you want to protect the cover, you can laminate it.
  • CUTTING: Be sure to use the cut marks on each page to cut these down to the 4"x10 size. Cut marks are provided which you can use by lining them up to a paper cutter or use a straight edge and blade to get a nice, straight cut.
  • BINDING: I bound my planner using The Happy Planner binding system which is extremely easy to use. All you do is hole punch all of the pages using The Happy Planner hole punch and then you can easily slide your Happy Planner Mini Discs into the slots you made with the hole punch. (You would need 2 packs of the mini discs to fit this planner size for a total of 10 discs). I love The Happy Planner system because it is so easy to use. My favorite thing about this method of binding is that you can add extra pages later by just sliding them onto the discs wherever you choose inside the notebook. Plus, the discs are just so cute with the little heart cutouts in the center of each disc!


DIY happy planner



Get your free printable weekly planner today! Link below!

Part 1: Download the Outside of the Cover here

Part 2: Download the Inside of the Cover here (Print part 1 and Part 2 on the front and back of your card stock)

Part 3: Download the inside pages here (print as many as you want of these on plain printer paper)

diy happy planner weekly planner printable

planner interior cover diy

 printable weekly planner interior pages diy

For personal use only. Using this design for resale or providing it as a download on another website, or any other commercial use in any way is prohibited.

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